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How you benefit from the costing24 registration

  • Calculate own models

    Take advantage of the professional calculation, extensive experience and empirical data applied to your own models as a registered user.

  • Customize machine data

    You can customize machine data in line with your circumstances, e.g. hourly rate, cutting parameters, setup time, auxiliary processing time and programming costs.

  • Save calculated models

    You can access your 100 most recently calculated models. These are stored for 30 days on German servers, but not as native models but in the simus-own format s3d. The original files will not be stored and can therefore not fall into the hands of unauthorized people. The simus-own format can only be shown in the simus viewer and can't be converted back into a standard CAD format.

  • Test it for free for 10 days

    You can test our service with your own models free of charge for 10 days. Your payment details are not required until after the first 10 days are over.

  • From €200.00/month (VAT not included)

    200 calculations per month are included. Further packages can be added on demand at an additional charge. The service can be terminated at a months notice.

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